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Welcoming us!

We arrived in Vancouver in the late afternoon on Monday and stayed with a wonderful friend who not only is from our home church but also worked in Germany with us for a time. We were so thrilled to stay with Margaret and catch up with life. It was such a blessing because she not only fed us scrumptuously but also helped us as we had our flat tire the next morning. What a blessing!!

Then we went on to Port Moody and stayed overnight with Greg and Joyce. It was again such a joy and privilege to stay with them and talk about the future in the UK and be served such a delicious meal.

Then it was on to Billy and Megan's place for a couple of nights and spend time with them and an evening with our dear friends, Norm and Michelle. We were able to watch Billy play soccer while we were there too. Megan was very busy with school so we didn't see much of her but had a lovely dinner out together at a restaurant that her parents loved to dine at when they were in university.

And lastly we stayed with sweet friends Norm and Kathleen. Norm served with us in Germany as well years ago. We enjoyed super fellowship and a delightful dinner.

All these wonderful people and an appointment for our finger prints in the midst. It is always good to be with those we appreciate during busy times.

What a great time!!!

We forgot to take pictures of the first few days but remembered to take one of Norm and Kathleen.

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